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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

1-What are the benefits of buying a property in Northern Cyprus?

– Investing in Real Estate and then obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is possible for many people around the world.

– Much lower prices for various types of property compared to developed and European countries.

– The common currency for investing in Northern Cyprus is the British pound, which means very low risk in investment and high added value due to the constant increase in the pound against many currencies.

– The possibility of buying the property in installments without interest from 1 to 4 years and having a guarantee of renting the purchased property to the buyer by some construction companies.

– Receive residency immediately after purchasing the property and only by paying 30% of the total property price in a period of less than one month.

– Annual growth of 8 to 16% in real estate prices in Northern Cyprus.

See Why Buy a Property article in Northern Cyprus for more information.

2-What are the steps to buy a property in Northern Cyprus?

– Visiting projects (Be sure to fill out our free appraisal form to analyze your suitable property by examining your circumstances and in accordance with your purpose.)

– Close the contract.

– One month reservation of the desired property or payment of at least 30% of the total amount of the desired property.


 -Past-purchase steps:

– Obtaining a tax code.

– Pay the cost of stamp fee in tax office.

– Registration of the contract in Registry and Documents Office of Northern Cyprus.

– Transfer of the document to the Registry and Documents Office or the Notary Public Offices of this country.

3-When is the property document fully transferred?

After receiving the permission to transfer the document from the government and after settling the money in the account of the seller, the document will be transferred in full to the buyer and the share of the purchased property will be mentioned in the document.

4-What are the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Northern Cyprus?

After an annual extension of temporary residence for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence in Northern Cyprus.

5-Is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus with a work visa?

Yes, but one of the most difficult ways to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is to obtain a residence permit through a work visa.

6-What is the weather like in Northern Cyprus?

Due to its geographical location, Cyprus has a temperate Mediterranean climate with more than 300 sunny days throughout the year.

7-How do students live in Northern Cyprus?

There can be several types of student accommodation in Northern Cyprus.

  1. Dormitory

Most universities have dormitories and students can stay in dormitories. Student accommodation is not free and will vary depending on whether it is public or private.

  1. Rent a house

International students usually rent a house individually or in groups.

  1. Buy property

Buying property in Northern Cyprus is very common among students and their families and in most cases is even more affordable than the above.

Because in Northern Cyprus you can easily buy a property in installments without interest.

A student who must have residence in Northern Cyprus for at least 4 years can become a landlord by paying an advance, during which time he or she pays the installments instead of renting a dormitory or rented house. After graduation, the student can sell his house or rent it to students of newer courses.

8-What taxes and additional payments must be paid by the buyer?

– Stamp duty: – 0.5% of property cost.

– VAT: 5% while getting the keys.

– TRAFFO: ∼ 1,600 GBP.

9-How much does it cost to maintain property in Northern Cyprus
Monthly expenses for property maintenance depends on the amount of
equipment used.
-Usually, given that the consumption is average for Electricity and water, a 1+1 apartment costs 350-500 TRY per month
-Bottled gas is used and purchased whenever needed. One cylinder which is 85 TRY is enough for 2 or 3 months.
-Maintenance cost is between 30 and 100 GBP depending on property or complex, its
number of pools and…
10-Can I buy a plot of land and build a house for myself?
You can buy a plot of land. But as a foreigner you are not allowed to build any construction on that by yourself. You MUST hire a cyprodit construction company.
11-What language do the people of Northern Cyprus speak?

The official language in Northern Cyprus is Istanbul Turkish, but unlike Turkey, almost the entire community is fluent in English.

12-How is the security of Northern Cyprus?

Cyprus is the fifth safest country in the world and the first safe country among countries with a population of less than 5 million.

13-Is Northern Cyprus a good place to live?

The country has a temperate Mediterranean climate with approximately 360 days of sunshine throughout the year. The crime and theft rate in this country is almost zero and it is among the top five safe countries in the world. If you are looking for security and tranquility and a life free from stress and anxiety and a safe environment for your children to grow and live, you can consider Northern Cyprus as a very convenient and cheap option compared to European countries. You will also not need a visa to enter the country.

14-What is the currency in Northern Cyprus?

The currency of Northern Cyprus in field of Real Estate transactions is the British pound and is used for daily expenses and consumables in Turkish lira. Wages can also be in lira, dollars or euros, depending on the job and the agreement of the parties.

15-What are the conditions of schools and universities in Northern Cyprus?

There are currently 19 prestigious universities and colleges in this country, and about 100,000 students from different countries of the world study in these universities every year.
Tuition at public schools is completely free and the language of instruction is Istanbul Turkish and English. 

16-How is transportation in Northern Cyprus?

One of the weaknesses of Northern Cyprus is its public transport system. For more comfort and convenience, a personal vehicle is definitely recommended for each family.

17-What are the most developing cities in Northern Cyprus?

Girne, Famagusta and the city of Iskele (Long Beach area)

18-What are the conditions for obtaining temporary residence in Northern Cyprus?

There are only three ways to get temporary residence:

1_Purchase of Real Estate in Northern Cyprus

2_Studied in one of the universities of Northern Cyprus

3_Employment in one of the companies registered in Northern Cyprus.

19-Is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus with a work visa?

Yes, but one of the most difficult ways to obtain a residence permit in Northern Cyprus is to obtain a residence permit through a work visa.

20-How can we visit projects to select and buy property?

Ctop Group Company has a representative contract with all construction companies in Northern Cyprus and provides you with project visiting services and offers a wide variety of conditions.

The project visit tour is provided by Sitap Group for property buyers, which includes three nights and four days and sometimes lasts up to a week.

Online shopping conditions can also be done, and one of the benefits of this type of purchase will be the savings in travel and accommodation costs and other costs.

21-In terms of price and investment, are ready-made units more suitable or pre-purchased?

Pre-purchase units are definitely more appropriate.

22-Does renting a property cover the installments?

No. In the most optimistic case, it can cover half the installments.

23-How many months do I usually have to pay in installments on property purchased in Northern Cyprus?

It varies depending on the policies of the manufacturer and its flexibility, but the payment of installments is generally 3 months and 6 months.

24-What is the difference in property prices between the cities of Kyrenia and Famagusta?

On average, Kyrenia is 20% more expensive than Famagusta and the Long Beach area.

25-What are the installment purchase conditions for property in Northern Cyprus?

On average, Kyrenia is 20% more expensive than Famagusta and the Long Beach area.

26-What are the installment purchase conditions for property in Northern Cyprus?

The general conditions for buying a property in installments in Northern Cyprus are as follows:

_30% At the time of concluding the contract.
_ 20% until the project delivery (in pre-purchase projects).
_The rest in interest-free installments of one to four years.
_If you buy a unit ready for delivery, at least 50% of the property amount must be paid _to deliver the key and the rest of the amount must be paid in interest-free installments of 24 to 36 months.

You can find out the exact payment terms of each project by contacting Ctop Group consultants.

27-Is it possible to get a bank loan for the purchased property?

Yes. Depending on the conditions of the buyer’s residence and the timely payment of installments up to the stage of property delivery, it is possible to receive a credit or loan from the banks of Northern Cyprus.

About Our Services

How Ctop Helps You

We can prepare services such as obtaining residence permit in Northern Cyprus by purchasing property which provided by the best lawyers and legal specialists in all cities and in the shortest amount of time possible. If you need to register a company in Northern Cyprus to start any type of business or commerce, or if you need services such as buying a car or company car, our group will provide and advise you with the best services.

Residence Permit

To obtain residency by purchasing a property in Northern Cyprus, the relevant documents must submit to the tax authorities of the country and register the property in their own name. The interesting thing is that the issuance of this residence for individuals does not oblige them to be permanently present in this country. In this way, some people can rent their property and leave the country by buying a property and obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus.

Property Purchase Consultant

For people who intend to live in Northern Cyprus, it is a great blessing to have knowledgeable, experienced and reliable people who can provide accurate and reliable information. Full support with dear customers in all stages of property purchase and residency IN Northern Cyprus are a task we are committed to.

Company Register

One of the most important decisions to be made by investors is to get professional services from trusted consultants and lawyers. Investors should not consider the registration of a company as a legal issue only, but in addition to establishing a company, they should have accurate information about its tax provisions. Receiving tax advice in the early stages of registering a company can guarantee the success of a profitable investment.

Buying a Car

Buying a car in Northern Cyprus is very common, there are many dealerships to buy brand new and used cars. We will help you buy and have the best deal, and what to consider when buying a car, and what to do to use it legally on the road, insurance and the other documents.

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