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Ctop Group has been operating with an ethical approach and the goal of providing services in the fields of immigration, investment, analysis, and property purchase in North Cyprus since October 2013. Our group is distinguished by the presence of an efficient team comprised of lawyers and expert consultants.

We will confidently and assuredly purchase your ideal home in Northern Cyprus. Ctop Group is the exclusive representative of Northern Cyprus’s most important real estate projects, offering an unrivaled selection of properties to suit every taste.


Our goal is to give clients with clear and accurate information so that they may make the best decision possible based on their knowledge and insight. Our firm prides itself on having an effective team that includes lawyers and experienced consultants. Having informed, experienced, and trustworthy people on your side when you’re looking to buy a house in another country is a huge advantage. Full client collaboration at all stages of the trip, house acquisition, and living in Northern Cyprus is a self-contained task. We’ve made a commitment to it.

Ctop Group is ready to deliver the highest quality real estate services in Northern Cyprus, including property buying and paperwork registration. Even if you’re thinking about buying a commercial property, whether it’s a house, a store, or an office in another country, you can benefit from our consultancy services in a unique way. Ctop Group also provides you admission to prominent and international universities in Northern Cyprus, as well as the finest available scholarship opportunities.

Services such as obtaining a residence permit in Northern Cyprus by purchasing a property are provided by the best lawyers and legal specialists in all cities and in the shortest amount of time possible. If you need to register a company in Northern Cyprus to start any type of business or commerce, or if you need services such as buying a car or company car, our group will provide you with the best services.

Offering The Best by Certified Experts.


Accommodation with only 30% payment


Key handover with 50% completion


Long-term interest-free installments


Your apartment rent guarantee


Residence permit for all family members

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